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Muybueno Cream has a velvety and creamy, sweet and delicate flavor. It is a smooth and perfectly spreadable cream, with a very light hazelnut note that makes it unique and now inevitable among the spreads in the pantry of all gluttons.

MUYBUENO 1 Kg (35.3oz)

Regular price €39.00 -€19.20 Price €19.80

The Pistachio Cream has an intense and delicate flavor at the same time. It is a smooth and perfectly spreadable cream, which is suitable for a thousand uses and which can be eaten amiably given its strong presence of cocoa butter combined with 15% pure Sicilian pistachio paste. Our Pistachio Cream never disappoints and always satisfies all the most demanding palates.

PISTACCHIO 1 KG (35.3oz)

Regular price €43.90 -€18.70 Price €25.20